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This is a black replacement panel for TREE that will replace the purple panel that it came with. If you have a purple panel Tree then this panel will replace the panel with a simple swap but if you have a silver panel then you will either have to ship the module back to me for replacement or do a small soldering tweak to have the new panel fit. Essentially the LEDs on the old silver Tree modules stick through the panel but in the newer PCB panels the LED is hidden behind the panel and as such older Trees will need their LEDs recessed a little bit.  It isn't a difficult mod and I will gladly walk you or your solder tech through it but if you are at all unsure about whether you have the skills to do so please ship your module back to me.

There are two possibilities for replacing the panel: either you have the tools and are prepared to replace the panel yourself or you ship your module back to me and I will replace the panel for you. If you are unsure about your ability to replace the panel without scratching it please ship the module to me. I will not be buying more of these panels so if I ship you the panel and you scratch it sadly that will be the panel that you are stuck with. I would rather do the work of replacing the panel then have you buy something from me and be disappointed. If you would like to ship me your module send me a message through the contact form after you buy your panel and I will email back with my shipping information.

That being said if you feel confident replacing the panel yourself there are some links to tools below:



There are roughly 10 of these that will be made available and once they are gone you will have to wait for assembled black panel TREEs to be back and I have no idea when that is going to happen. That's part of the game. Best of luck.

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