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ANA 2 is a cross modulation powerhouse that derives nine different analog logic operations in tandem from two input signals. Each input channel features a processing section that attenuverts, adds, or multiplies up to six inputs before being sent to the cross modulation circuits. ANA 2 performs a wide variety of functions including mixing, boolean logic, rectifying, cross-fading, voltage sampling, ring modulating, gate converting, bizarre wave shaping and much more. While you may have seen these functions in individual modules before, ANA 2 combines them all into one place with all of these functions available simultaneously to give you a Swiss army knife utility that is capable of happy accidents.

At its core, ANA 2 is an Analog Boolean Logic Processor. Boolean logic normally takes two binary gate signals and combines them into a single gate signal based on mathematical rules. While the output of a normal boolean logic circuit is always a gate, analog boolean logic can both process and output any kind of voltage signal. This means that Ana works not only with gates but also modulation, note sequences, and even audio. Whatever type of signal that you feed in is what you will get out of ANA 2. In fact, feeding ANA 2 a combination of different types of voltage signals will give you a weird blend between them. ANA 2 always gives you more than you put in, providing nine related but distinct outputs that can be derived from as little as a single voltage source or even no input at all.

Compared to its predecessor, ANA 2 has three new wave shaping outputs which add everything from simple mixing and multiplexing to completely unique non-linear wave shaping.  In addition, ANA 2 adds a pair of "multiplication" CV inputs which control a bipolar VCA acting on each main input.  Finally, ANA 2 is a big step up aesthetically with two LED level indicators for each channel as well as much cleaner panel art.  

For folks who used the old version of this please be aware that due to the bandwidth limitations of the new VCA chips ANA 2 DOES NOT WORK FOR VIDEO AT ALL. If our upcoming video oscillator Ruins sells well we will make a specifically video-oriented version of Ana.

ANA 2 Technical Specifications:

  • Width: 6HP / Depth: 32mm
  • Power Draw: +V 101 mA, -V 104 mA, 5V not used


  • Attenuverter Input x2
  • Multiply Input x2
  • Sum Input x2


  1. MIN - Minimum : Outputs the lowest voltage between both inputs.
  2. MIX - Mixture : Mixes both input channels together.
  3. MAX - Maximum : Outputs the highest voltage between both inputs.
  4. XOR - Exclusive OR : Analog XOR computation, behaves like a through-zero clipper.
  5. CUT - Bizarre Non-Linear Waveshaper : Unique circuit that behaves like a cross between a wavefolder and a crossfader.
  6. MAG - Magnitude : Outputs the difference between both inputs.
  7. STEP - Track and Hold : Random Voltage Processor similar to other smooth/ stepped random generators.
  8. SWAP - Switch : Two input switch, switches between both inputs.
  9. BOX - Comparator : Three level square wave based on both inputs.

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