We are Weird

Mystic Circuits doesn't do things like everyone else. We aim to push the boundaries of what is possible with synthesizers without getting rid of the fun and levity that makes working with synthesis so transformative. Rather than revamping old ideas, we are interested in the creation of new fundamental building blocks in synthesis.

A Spectrum of Uses

Mystic Circuits was formed to enable musicians to explore new sonic territory. Everything we make has a multitude of uses so that each module can offer something new in each patch. From a starter semi-modular, to the studio behemoth, and now to a video system, Mystic Circuits offers something of value. We don't exclusively focus on devices for perfectly crafted compositions or for completely improvised insanity; we aim to walk the thin line between control and chaos. Expect to see Mystic Circuits outside of the modular bubble in the near future.

Equality is Our Compass

Synthesizers are an invaluable tool for changing the way that people think, so we believe that synthesizers should not just be available to the wealthiest among us. With this in mind, Mystic Circuits has released multiple series of products for a range of modular users:

▸The '0HP series' is cheap, passive, and takes up no space in the rack. Perfect for beginners and DIY tinkerers. 

▸The '23 series' is designed to be slim, inexpensive, and pack a lot of functionality into a small package without a ton of bells and whistles. Intended for those who want to add spice to their synth but are working with limited space and finances. 

▸Finally, the '33 series' is as large as it needs to be. With attenuverters for all CV inputs and a big silly knob for the main function, it hearkens back to the giant modular synthesizers of old. These modules spare no expense either in finance or in space and are designed with studio use and sound design in mind. 

Beyond this, many of our modules are released under open source/ open hardware licences and are easy to build. If you are in charge of an educational space, please let us know and we would love to support you however we can.