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Fully Enclosed 0HPs

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The new 0HP cases are a big step up in both look and functionality from our older 0HP back plates which left the top of the module exposed. Not only do the new enclosures protect your 0HP electronics from the outside world but they also prevent accidental electrical connection with wayward patch cables that previously could touch the inner workings of your 0HP. The cases match our new full-sized module panels with textured artwork built into a set of purple and silver PCBs that all slot into each other to create a sturdy and attractive enclosure. A set of long screws topped with rubber feet keeps the whole case together while also protecting surfaces and other modules from being scratched.

As mentioned before this kit is used to replace the older acrylic backplates with two notable exceptions:

The 0HP FILTER technically can be upgraded but the LED will not be aligned with the window made for it, it works fine but looks a little weird. The newer 0HP Filter circuit boards have fixed this issue.

The 0HP ENVELOPE used a large capacitor that does not fit in the older cases.

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