VERT is an 8-bit digital to analog converter with an internal clock, allowing a CV signal to be converted to 8 gates.  Unipolar or bipolar input signals can be selected by a switch to cover the entire range of conversion. The internal oscillator has a range switch to select between audio and LFO range as well as an attenuator for the FM input.  An expansion port on the back allows the VERT to connect to any Turing Machine expander, allowing new functionality to be added in the future. The onboard LEDs come in an 8-color rainbow. A trim pot accessible from the front panel allows the LEDs to be dimmed to the preferred level of brightness.

This module will be released under a Creative Commons Open Hardware licence with all of the files necessary to build it hosted on our website.

Size: 8HP

Please note that "Circuit Shaman" is our old name.

Read the quick start guide here.  A more detailed manual and patch guide is on the way.


As you can see above the VERT uses SMD passive components.  There was simply no way around this, even with the SMD components the board is packed as tightly as possible.  I did use some of the largest SMD components available however in order to make it easier to build by hand.  The resistors and caps are all 1210 and the diodes are 3-pin SOT-23 components (roughly the same pin spacing as SOIC, I don't even use a magnifying glass to solder these.)  Therefore this kit is intended to be an easy introduction to SMD soldering and the build docs will include some info for people who have never soldered SMD before.  However I would HIGHLY suggest having at least 10 working through-hole builds before attempting this build.  If you are purchasing any of the DIY options, please be aware of this.

Price: $165.

Component kit: $95SOLD OUT

PCB + Panel set: $45.  SOLD OUT

PCB set: $25.  SOLD OUT