SWITCHES is a Turing Machine expander that can also be hosted by the VERT. It turns your host module into a sequential switch where each bit controls the on/ off state of a switch. These 8 switches are then summed to 4 separate outputs which are denoted by the 3 brackets and the “All” sum output. The top 4 “clean” switches use a high-speed, low-error switching IC whereas the bottom 4 “dirty” switches use vactrols to add some smudge to your signal. Bi-directional switching is possible through an upcoming multi-purpose expander.

This module will be released under a Creative Commons Open Hardware licence with all of the files necessary to build it hosted on our website.

Size: 8HP

Please note that "Circuit Shaman" is our old name.

Read the Quick Start guide here.  A more detailed manual and patch guide is on the way.


As mentioned before, the SWITCHES expander uses a part called a "vactrol" which is currently being phased out since a chemical used in the most common stock is not ROHS compliant and also because of changes in the market.  As a result the vactrols that we use are home made to cut down on cost and to conform to ROHS regulations.  All of our vactrols are thoroughly tested but the outer casing is flexible and so it is not invincible.  Due diligence to treat the vactrols nicely (like not forcing them against a flying bus cable socket in a tiny skiff) will ensure that they will last as long as a normal vactrol with a normal molded plastic case.  Future batches of SWITCHES expanders will use 3D printed cases to make a sturdy vactrol enclosure.

Purchase an assembled unit for $145.  Current Stock : 2

Purchase a component kit for $100 $80. OUT OF STOCK

Purchase a PCB + Panel set for $55 $40.  

Purchase a PCB set (with front-panel PCB included) for $35 $20.