BYTES loop length expander allows your Music Thing Turing Machine to create random loops and melodies in any musical time signature.  Breaking free from the constraints of 8 and 16 steps, with the addition of the Bytes Expander your Turing Machine will be able to create loops of any length from 1 to 16 and alter that length with a control voltage.  Say goodbye to Kraftwerk and hello to Coltrane.

With the use of two separate length controls it makes it easy to change the Turing Machine's time signature in a musically useful way.  For example, set the lower control to '6' and the upper control to '12' and you can easily double-time your loop.  The CV-selector switch and attenuverter allow for some control to tame incoming CV, setting the selector switch to either side makes it so that CV only affects one of the length controls, allowing for one length to be your "solo" mode and the other to be your "repetitive" mode.

The Bytes expander attaches to your Turing Machine through the "gates" expander port and via 2 jumper wires that connect to the original Turing Machine PCB.  As such, the Turing Machine PCB requires a small amount of modification to be able to work with the Bytes Expander.  What is for sale is both the expander itself and the service of upgrading your Turing Machine.  Send me your unit and I will do all the hard work for you.

For more demos of the Bytes Expander, click here.

For the Bytes Expander manual, click here.

For Tom Whitwell's page on the original Turing Machine module, click here.

As you may know the designs pertaining to this project are published under an open-hardware licence, meaning that you can build, modify or sell them yourself.  For more information on that, click here.

I stand by my work and so I offer a 6 month warranty on my modules, although I will be happy to service them beyond that time period.  Check my ebay score to verify my authenticity.

Please note before purchasing that the upgrade requires you to send me your Turing Machine to do some modifications.  If you want to do the mod yourself or you have a friend who can do them for you closer to where you live send me an email and we can work something out.

Purchase the Bytes Expander upgrade for $145