Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Visit our Retailers through our new 'Dealers' Page

Some of you may have noticed that all of our 0HP modular kits and some assembled modules are out of stock.  Dont worry!  We will have more 0HP Modular kits for sale in a few weeks.  We are just focusing on finishing touches for new 0HP modules before we start producing more of the old ones.  Circuit boards and acrylic panels are still for sale through the site, but if you need a full kit or an assembled module that we don't currently carry please visit our retailers on our new "dealers" page at the top of our website to purchase our products during the hiatus.   Spectra Mirrors are also gone from the site for now, we most likely will not be focusing on making more of them until after a couple of our newer modules have been released so again visit the dealers page to find more on where they can be bought.