Saturday, August 26, 2017

0HP DIY info now available!

We now have the necessary info for you to build your 0HP modules!  As such the kits are no longer pre-orders and all pre-ordered kits have been shipped.  We will also be stocking both PCB/ Acrylic backing combinations and full kits with Thonk in the UK/ Europe and Modular Addict in the US.

Please be aware that the build guides are currently rough drafts and will be updated in the next few days.  I am also about to film some video instructions to make building these as easy as possible.  I want beginners to be able to start their modular journey with these so if the instructions seem a little bit obtuse don't worry they will be much clearer by the end of the week!

All of the projects will need 4 of these jacks, unfortunately the US distributors only sell them in quantities of 50 but they are not that expensive. (get the PJ302-M)

We want these kits to be as easy as possible for new DIY builders so in case you could benefit from some soldering instructions we made an informative video to cover the basics.


BOM: link



BOM: link



Both of the modules use the same board but involve slightly different parts:

LPG BOM: link

VCA BOM: link

You will need to source your own Vactrol for this project, I use the ones here:

If you don't want to spend all that money try making one yourself, it is pretty easy ;).

BUILD GUIDE (same for both projects): link

Again this info will be updated and amended throughout the week and new 0HP modules will be added to the list ;).