Monday, December 19, 2016

Spectra Mirror DIY options now available.

At long last here is the build documentation and BOM required to support a DIY build of the Spectra Mirror.  The entire build is through hole with easy to find parts, there is one optional SMD matched transistor pair for those wanting superior tracking of the internal VCO.  I would say that this project is not for a complete beginner but would be quite easy for anyone with a fair amount of DIY experience.  The calibration procedure requires at least a multimeter and benefits from the use of an oscilloscope, although again this is not crucial.  Please read the build documentation if you want a better idea of the level of difficulty for the build.

Build documentation is here.

Support/ discussion thread is here.

Mouser BOM is here.  A few parts have to be bought from other places as listed below:

100K B metal shaft potentiometers x 7 : several options exist

100k B plastic shaft potentiometer x 3 : you want to buy the "tall trimmer" from song huei as others do not stick very far out of the panel.  Plus these pots have a painted indicator.

"Erthenvar" PJ301-B style jacks x 12 : be sure to buy matching washers

Knobs x 7 : You can buy whichever knobs you like but this is the source for the purple ones that I use.  If anyone knows a European distributor for these knobs let me know and I will add them to this list.  Color option is violet

Large knob x 1.  If you are using other knobs I still suggest using a large knob for this dial.  Again color is violet.


The following parts will be needed.  I am specifically making you source them as a "barrier for entry" as doing this matched transistor pair is not for DIY beginners.  SMD soldering aptitude is required.

Transistor pair is by diodes incorporated part # ZXTC2045E6TA

You will also need a 22k resistor and a 22nF capacitor.