Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Baking a batch of VERT component kits

After some deliberation on the best way to pack the kits I finished putting everything together last night.  The main thing that I was having a bit of trouble with was how to package the SMD components.  I decided to use painters tape to tape them all to a piece of paper with their values printed next to them, so that they can be peeled off one at a time.  Hopefully this will prevent a few parts from jumping off the table and falling on the ground.  I'll be adding a few more pages to the build docs pertaining specifically to the way that the kits are packed.

Please be aware that kits at this moment are only for full-white LED Verts.  I will be assembling color kits when I find a better source for the a-typically colored LEDs.

Also I have wanted for a long time to package my kits using the wasteful amount of bags that I get from Mouser.  While I recognize that plastic packaging is probably the smallest contributor to negative environmental impacts related to the electronics industry I was still amazed by the large amount of perfectly re-usable packaging that I accumulated in a short amount of time.  I hope that my re-purposed packaging doesn't offend anyone's sensibility, as I tried to do it in a way that seems fun instead of cheap.  More plastic bags aren't really very expensive, they are just very wasteful.