Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Building the VERT

This is where all future VERT documentation will be posted as well as open-hardware resources.  For now it is just the BOM.  I will probably migrate this to github at some point but I like to be able to explain things in the form of a blog post.

Here is a link to the instructions.  Please look them over before you attempt to build a Vert and make sure that it is within your skill level.  The Vert is an intermediate build and involves SMD soldering.  I would definitely not attempt to build it as your first project.


Here is a link to the mouser cart.  Please note that it does not include several components and is also designed to build a VERT with all white LEDs.  I will upload instructions on how to source rainbow LEDs like how I build them later.  Also be aware that I have noticed different behavior between different 555 timer IC models, the model included in the cart is the one that I use because it is stable.

There are two sources for the hardware, unfortunately you can not buy all of what you need from either place:

For the jacks go to Erthenvar.  You can only buy them in packs of 50 and you will also need to buy nuts separately.  If you are building both a VERT and SWITCHES expander one pack will be enough for both with a bit extra left over.

You can also buy the vertical PCB mount alpha pots from Erthenvar.  I prefer to buy them from here since the price is roughly the same as the best Small Bear bulk discount.  Ill include links for both.

Here are the links for the Small Bear parts.  You can buy SPDT switches from a variety of places but I highly suggest buying the short bat toggles listed below.  The switches go in between the pots and so if the bats are too long they will interfere with your ability to turn the knobs comfortably.  If you do not buy these specific switches then I still suggest to at least do some research and find toggles with a similar form factor.  I am looking into equivalents overseas in places not easily serviced by Small Bear and will post my findings when I can.

LINEAR VERTICAL MOUNT POTS (1M x1, 100K x2.  Select in the drop-down menu).

I also buy my purple knobs from Small Bear but any knobs that fit a smooth pot shaft will do.  If you want to use knobs for knurled or D-pot shafts obviously you just have to find the corresponding shaft to replace mine.  I like these pots because they are thin, the painted indicator is inlayed so it wont rub off, and the knurl feels good on the finger.

For EU customers, Thonk carries a lot of parts listed here:

POTS (Vertical linear, 1M x 1, 100K x 2)
KNOBS not sure if any of the others knobs on thonk will fit here but I am almost certain that these will fit.

More info to come soon!