Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bytes Expander Demos

Here are some of the sounds that I have made using my Bytes Expander:

This is the first video that I made with a completed unit.  All of the sequencing is happening on the Turing Machine, the Rene is just being used as a non-linear quantizer.  The sound is all made by the PT Audio Dual Digital Oscillator, envelope is a 4ms Pingable Envelope generator which is patched into the Intellijel Korgasmatron's 1V/oct input to behave as a low pass gate.

Here is a unit that I modified for a customer who provided their own Turing Machine.  I was using it to send note CV to an Acidlab m303 bass synth module and using the gate outputs to modulate the slide and accent parameters.  Sorry for the camera-phone audio, I was having so much fun with it that I had to capture it:

This one uses one Turing with a Bytes Expander as a sequencer and another as an oscillator.  You can hear arpeggios that result from the oscillator Turing having it's length parameter modulated.  I also used a braids in drum mode to add some other percussive elements to the mix.

Here is another demo that goes further into the arpeggio capabilities of the Bytes Expander.  I am using it in short length mode and as a result the fractional changes in the relation to the fundamental frequency of the clock are in simple integer fractions and therefore sound very harmonic.