Sunday, September 21, 2014

Building a Bytes Expander

Here you will find all of the necessary ingredients for building a Bytes Expander. If you still don't know what that is, pop on over to this page to give a brief overview:

Or you can read the user manual here for an in depth look at the Bytes Expander:

And of course it is a good idea to check out Tom Whitwell's original Turing Machine website:


Before going any further you should know that this is a medium to difficult DIY project.  There is a trace cut and some de-soldering of the original Turing Machine involved.  I strongly suggest you read all of the build instructions before you decide to make this module.  If you found it difficult to build the Turing Machine, you will probably find it more difficult to build this expander module.  Neither I nor the vendor of your Turing Machine PCB is in any way responsible if you mess up your Turing Machine by attempting this mod, especially after how many times I put this warning in the manuals.

Now if you are still interested in buying a circuit board from a trusted outlet, please take a look at:



You can buy a panel from Grayscale:

Here is a Mouser cart including all of the parts necessary to build the expander:
(sorry the link was down, it should be working again)

There is one last part that you must purchase somewhere else, either through thonk:

Or through digikey:

Or through erthenvar (if you need 50 of them) :

You should know that it is much cheaper to buy the hardware (aka Alpha pots and 3-way switch) from another source besides Mouser.  I use small bear electronics:  get 3 of these at 100K linear  and one of these

To start building you should read this manual, it says what to do and also ends with an itemized version of the BOM if you want to source your own parts:

And here are the instructions on how to modify your Turing Machine to interface with the  Bytes Expander :

And if you have any questions/ concerns/ suggestions, be sure to check by the official build forum for the expander:

Please ask through the forum before you contact me directly with issues with your build.  We are very friendly and frankly someone else on there will probably be better at answering your question than I am.

For those hardcore DIY synth enthusiasts out there, here are the files to build your own circuit boards or modify the Bytes Expander design:

And here is the diagram for the panel:

Keep in mind that all of these files are available under a Creative Commons attribution share-alike licence, meaning that you can use the files for whatever purpose (including commercial) as long as you give me credit for what you use of mine and your creation falls under the same licence.  Of course you can do whatever you want for your own personal use but if you end up using it please let me know so I can check out your creation!  If you need further details on the License all of the manuals have a link to the specifics at the end of them.

Incase you missed it, here are the instructions to hook up the Bytes Expander after you have finished:

Enjoy the build and happy wiggling!