Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rainbow Turing Machine

The Rainbow Turing Machine (Originally by Tom Whitwell of Music thing) is a random voltage loop generator for Eurorack modular synthesizers. It is useful for creating melodies and modulation with a variable amount of randomness.  This particular module comes with all of the available Turing Machine expanders and uses different colored LEDs in every way possible.  The colored LEDs serve a practical purpose as well as an aesthetic one since the color of each bit is coordinated to the main display across all of the expanders. 

The Rainbow Turing also comes with the brand new Bytes loop-length expander, which allows the the user to change the loop length of the Turing Machine manually or with a CV. This means that for the first time the Turing Machine is able to create sequences in atypical time signatures.  A friend of mine aptly described its effect on the Turing Machine as, "Less Kraftwerk more Coltrane."

For more information about the Bytes loop length expander click here.

For more demos of the Rainbow Turing Machine click here.

For more information on the Turing Machine module from it's creator click here.

~200 mA current draw

I have built ~25 Turing Machines and all of my customers have been satisfied with no returns.  I stand by my work and so I offer a 6 month warranty on my modules, although I will be happy to service them beyond that time period.  Check my ebay score if you doubt my authenticity.

Current Quantity: 1!  Im not sure when these will be for sale after these sell out.

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